Day 2: Started From the Bottom.


As I recover from the 24 hour flu (hopefully 24 hours), I thought I would give myself a pass on posting today. I wasn’t in the classroom, so therefore finding the creative moment of the day probably wouldn’t occur as naturally as I imagined. Fortunately I have a 17 month old.

Abigail had found some measuring cups from the kitchen and took the liberty of combining them with her stacking ups. My first thought was to remove the measuring cups as they do not fit int with her regular cups, and we are constantly missing kitchen utensils (if you see a yellow spatula please let me know). What I will call extremely foreword thinking parenting (…or exhaustion, it’s hard to tell at this point), I opted to let her play with the measuring cups.

I watched as she began to transform these empty cups into glasses full of imaginary liquid, musical instruments, and a makeshift Jenga tower that for some reason couldn’t get past 3 cups high. I was eventually invited to play and attend an impromptu tea party (a first of what will be many in my future).

I reflected briefly during my second cup of what I think was green tea (I had the green cup) on how simple decisions can impact the creative process. Today it was the measuring cups…tomorrow it will be something else. As an educator I find myself increasingly aware of how important the process of exploration and discovery is to promote creativity and innovation. How many times have I denied students the ability to create/discover because something didn’t fit in the plans, or I didn’t see the potential value?

My takeaway from today is to acknowledge the spark, that initial interest when a student finds something they find important in that moment. I will not say “tell me later when we have more time” or “that’s great, thanks for sharing”…I want to provide an opportunity to fuel that spark. Say “yes and” to that idea that promotes the student to move into the next step of discovery.

Today it was the measuring cups…tomorrow it will be something else.




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