Day 3: The Smell of Rain

I am often asked on average 100 questions within the first 30 minutes of my day at school. I can mostly answer them with:

-Double check your backpack.

-Did you ask a friend?

-Double check your backpack.

-Wait until _____ comes back from the washroom.

-Double check your backpack.

Once in a while a question will come my way that makes me stop and think. Today, one of those questions came my way. A student asked me: “Is it weird if I like the smell of rain?”

I found it interesting that this came up spontaneously (well it had just rained in the morning). I acknowledged that the smell of rain is a wonderful smell, and that candle makers have been trying to capture it for a long time (with no success in my opinion). We both agreed it was not weird and moved on with our day.

I later thought about why that question would be asked. The word weird can imply a variety of meanings. Different, strange, abnormal…did this student feel any of these, was I able to normalize that idea by agreeing to it?

Ideas and thoughts of an individual can be censored by a number of factors including peers and social norms. The smell of rain question is innocent and came at a time when the class was not focused on a particular discussion. It made me wonder how quickly can creativity, ideas, and thoughts be censored based on what is right, wrong, normal, or weird?

How many times have we stopped ourselves in a meeting or discussion because of what we wanted to contribute could come across as being weird? Today I am left with more questions, which is OK. So here are some questions for you:

When did you start to acknowledge that an idea was weird? Did it stop you from pursuing it? What influenced that next step? Good questions to ponder during a rainy day.

The laptop needs to be charged and I can’t find that charger, better double check my backpack.






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