Day 5: Open Your Door

Today I was able to do something I love, visit other classrooms. I am a health and safety rep for my school and that basically means people think I am accusing them up for horrible infractions once every two months…really I walk around the school and contribute to keeping a safe workplace for all.

In a span of 60 minutes I saw a retelling of a story using physical theatre, robots being programmed to calculate angles and directions, and a very busy kindergarten room about to dive into a subitizing activity. I am fortunate to work in a building full of exciting and engaging activities.

Sometimes I catch myself watching the learning in action instead of inspecting the classroom, but I can’t help it. It can be easy to keep the door closed, focused on your room, and forget about your neighbours. Somedays I wonder if I saw my teaching neighbours! It’s important to step out and see what is happening because chances are it is different from your own environment.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I have said “that’s cool, I need to try that.” Inspiration can be in the form of a bulletin board, lesson topic, hands on manipulative, student discussion, or my favourite: programmable robot!

Today I watched, listened, and may have found a few minor health and safety violations along the way. Did I mention robots???


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