Day 7: The Connected Classroom

It’s OK to make bold predications. It’s okay to be under the 5 year mark in your career and proclaim something that is profound and bumper sticker worthy. Here it goes:

The largest shift in education occurred when the internet was introduced into the classroom.

It’s in bold letters because it’s important, maybe I should put in in CAPS too? This shift for my board occurred before I was hired. I recently found out that the available access to internet (including access to Youtube) is a relatively new (approximately 5 years). For myself it is hard to imagine a learning enviornment without access to the internet. No Youtube, iPads, Apple TV, and all the Apps that come with it.

It is such an integrated part of my pedigogy that I recently thought about this generational shift. No teacher entering the field within the last few years will have ever experienced a classroom that did not have the option of being connected. In my short time with the board I have been able to make connections that reach beyond my school, my board, and even my country.

My students have benefited from access to learning opportunities through connected experiences. In the past two years we have reached out to experts and classrooms in Vancouver, England, and Sweden. The learners in my room are also part of this new shift.

My grade 2/3 class are at the age when they haven’t experienced life without the iPhone (first generation released in 2007). Skills that are needed to access this connected age are being taught before students even enter school. My daughter can swipe and select apps on the iPhone (she was born in November 2014) and knows the difference between the “old” iPhone that we tried to pass off to her, and the working ones.

I will leave you with a graphic I found. The website ( which has some interesting ideas on technology and the healthcare system (a fitting connection to my post from yesterday).





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