Day 8: Learning Should be Messy

I had this idea of what a good teacher should be. This was before I started teaching, during my journey through teachers college. I believed that in order to be organized and effective I should have binders of every unit, every project, every lesson I would be teaching for that year. I told myself it would take me 5 years of teaching to reach that.

I haven’t reached my 5 years but I know when I get there I will not have binders of organized units and projects and such. Perhaps this is my way of justifying that paper and me do not go well together…I would show you a picture of my desk but I’m afraid that would violate health and safety (which I am one of the reps for).

Curriculum may stay the same for years, even a decade, however the students that enter my classroom will forever be different and constantly changing. Different in their interests, learning styles, and overall needs. I believe my programming should be adaptive to this. I recently watched an interview (first few minutes) featuring A-List comedians who discussed creating new material for their acts.

Some would ditch their entire set after every year (or HBO special, whatever came first) and restart with new material. Some would cut a certain percentage every year (20%), eventually leading to a brand new act every 4-5 years. I look at the resources and opportunities available now (see my post from yesterday) and think the system is designed for this approach.

Reflecting on what has worked, adapting what shows promise, and being open to new adventures. The challenge and opportunity for me is to not only meet the needs of my students, but to do it in a way that connects curriculum and their interests too. That’s where it gets creative, engaging, and messy.



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