Day 10: Finding Your Creative Zone

I have some of my most creative ideas in moments of solitude. Moments when I am running through something that my brain does not have to commit excess energy to, but is engaged with a task. This can be the time when I am brushing my teeth or driving to and from work.

The commute is usually where I come up with my “I wonder” or “What if I…” moments. Today I wanted to see if I could recreate this by going to my local Starbucks. I have this romanticized idea that a coffee shop and a laptop will produce something extraordinary. I’m currently working on my primary/junior math AQ part 1. This is my 20 minute check-in. I have all the required supplies:

  • Messenger back…check
  • Macbook…check
  • Somewhat overgrown hipster beard…check

I don’t think it’s working. I’m getting too distracted by my environment. The staff are so joyful, cheerful, and outgoing. I have already been offered a mini-frappuccino sample (I took it). Will  I ever reach that level of enlightened bliss in any aspect of my life? Why are they so happy? They won’t stop singing about frappuccinos.

I need to be in a dull, inward, personal zone. When I am collaborating all I need is another person, the environment isn’t as important. This makes me think of how my students like to create. We have emphasized different learning styles for students. Is there such a thing as creative styles? Can they be the same, are they different? I believe everyone is born creative. This thought is not finished, but I can’t stay any longer. Too much energy in this room for me.

…but I will be getting a frappuccino to go.


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