Day 9: Chaos & Creativity

I thrive on being just a little too busy. Deadlines, meetings, e-mails…it’s exciting. All of this creates limitations. Limitations on my time, my energy, sometimes my health. The pressure that is created acts as a motivator. This #100dayproject is a good example.

I try and time myself for a maximum of 30 minutes. This provides a limitation that forces me to make a decision and to keep moving forward. I can re-write and edit but not to the extent where I am stopping and pausing for hours. Limitations are the spark to my creativity.

So what are the limitations to my teaching? Curriculum, time, and technology are the big three. Combined together creates the chaos. Chaos is wonderful, It’s when you stop thinking about the “what ifs” and start making decisions and take action. I was never always a fan of the this chaos theory.

My grade 11 drama class introduced me to larval mask. It’s a full mask with small air holes found either within the eye or nose hole. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see (glasses usually wouldn’t fit in them), I couldn’t talk, I could barely hear…I was frustrated and felt overwhelmed. I let the chaos take over.

It wasn’t until I revisited this in university when I was reintroduced with the idea of letting those limitations act as motivation to create and overcome. My first paid acting gig was with Theatre Beyond Words, and I was in larval mask (See image below). I come back to this picture when I find myself frustrated and in a creative funk. Sometimes we don’t recognize our failures as first attempts.






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