Day 11: Low-Tech Creating

A little inspiration, a lot of left over material, and an afternoon of making. Today I was reminded again of how awesome it can be to see the spark and watch it flourish. Our primary devision has a drive-in movie this Friday and each class is creating cars based off of banana boxes. Each teacher has started with banana boxes and the kids have taken over (as they should).

Conformity has no place in art. I was once told that good artists copy and steal from those who created before them, and then make it their own. What is the purpose of copying someone’s work if you aren’t going to use it to innovate and expand on it? (A bulletin board that has the same artwork recreated is just a worksheet with a little bit of paint).

Our class was fortunate enough to see what our neighbours were creating. This sparked the students to begin their own making process. It was pleasant to see that they did not have this burden of re-creating what they saw. Instead, they began to add their own take on the cars. It just so happened that the 6/7 class was down the hall building bird houses…it was a wonderful day of making at Macville.

Tomorrow is the last day to add to the cars…I think it is important to get inspired, get started, and then step back. Tonight the excitement will turn into reflection and tomorrow they will have another opportunity to change/make/create. I can’t wait until Friday to see a gymnasium full of creations from K-3, there will also be popcorn.


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