Day 12: A Hacker Destroyed My Pioneer Village

I love when the students are experts at something that I am just learning it. I get to really model the “I wonder” mode and engage students at a different level. Today I had a first…I had a 21st century moment when I downloaded Minecraft to try out after one of my students decided they wanted to explore the game to create a pioneer village.

The student created (very quickly) the beginning foundation for his pioneer village. The other students were interested and began to explain to me the details of how to start building. That afternoon he noticed and showed me that someone had entered his world.

I knew that this could happen but didn’t think that my newly created account was capable of making friends so quickly. I also didn’t realize that you are automatically set the multiplayer (allowing for this access) when you start. We watched as this hacker examined the village, specifically the blacksmith location. Then, this indivdual took out some TNT and the pioneer village met a fateful end.

This was the point where I could have decided to shut everything down and just walk away. The student decided to take some time away from this (eventually coming back on board to give it another try). When introducing new things it is always important to struggle through the beginning stages. Even when that struggle includes TNT and a destroyed pioneer village…

…Move over dogs, hackers are the new homework nemesis.




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