Day 14: The Transparent Classroom

I used to be afraid if someone was scheduled to come into my classroom. I thought that I would be judged, and perhaps be told that I was doing something wrong. This internal thought persisted every time  someone from the outside would walk into the room. That fear didn’t last too long, and it was because it became the norm and not the exception to have others come in.

We need to have a truly open door policy in the classroom. When I walk by the classroom and see an interesting bulletin board I wonder about the process it took to create that product. Some of my most valuable learning has been to experience other classrooms both in my school and at others.

Teaching is a creative art, different styles and approaches blended together produce uniqueness that is not copied or repeated. Every teacher has their own style, and visiting their environment can be an enriching experience. If you visit, you must reciprocate this and be open to others. Always say yes when this opportunity approaches, especially if you are nervous about it.

I am very appreciative of the teachers who very early on invited me in and offered to share with me their classroom. Providing resources and books are wonderful, but access to their classroom is more valuable. Tomorrow I want to expand on this idea and connect it to the families in my classroom and my efforts to unveil the mystery of what happens in my room everyday.



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