Day 20: Property Value in the Classroom

What is the most important area in your classroom? What is the most productive piece of furniture? If you could only keep 3 items with you what would they be? I have been thinking a lot about the value of my space recently. Today my goal was to get rid of the oversized desk in my room (it was at least 6ft wide). I saw the footprint it left in my room as  the corner was now empty, it was like I added 15% to my classroom.

It was not worth the space it took up. I am getting a desk (a much smaller one) to replace this one, but I am transitioning to having no desk at all. I think I need another year or so, I still like having my own little space.

I want to maximize the space to provide a balanced enviornment. I want areas that will engage, provoke, relax, focus, and enable collaboration. I am working on creating zones…I know this is not a new idea, in fact this is coming after years of hearing and seeing other spaces. I am reassessing the space in my room and using my observational data to determine what needs to go and what can be brought in.

If students haven’t used a specific area of the classroom then it needs a redesign. I proposed some ideas on Thursday to the students, they wanted a technology centre and a relaxation zone. I am excited for this transition. I hope to have everything finished within 3 weeks, giving us a few weeks before the summer.

The most important area in my classroom right now:

The carpet (general meeting zone)

What is the most productive piece of furniture?

Apple TV

If I could only keep 3 things what would they be?

Apple TV, Document Camera, iPad


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