Day 22: Sunday is Really a Monday

Sunday is never really a day off feeling…not like Friday or Saturday. You know that feeling when your mind isn’t specifically thinking about the next day of school? I start to wind up into the week usually after my first (of many) cups of coffee on Sunday morning. I can’t help it- so today I wanted to share what I think about for the week ahead.

I broke these down into questions. This is what has been flowing through my mind today.

What am I excited about?

Twitter lunch & learn this Friday…I have seen some other examples online of staff joining the twitter world together, and I would say my school has one foot in and one foot out…time to dive in! I can’t wait to share what twitter has done for my own PLN. Everyone is doing something unique in their rooms, and having them starting to post regularly will be great for us all.

What am I nervous about?

Genius Hour! We are moving from research mode to gathering materials this week. I am nervous because everyone is at different stages in terms of their engagement and curiosity. I know for some it will take having the materials in class to get things going…Whenever I am nervous about something it is because I care about it. A good friend told me that and I always remind myself when those butterflies start to form again.

What am I curious about?

Ok… two things. First, butterflies. This is my first time having butterflies in the classroom, well they are not butterflies yet…but soon! The students don’t know they are in the room (we set it up Friday). I am curious about the student’s wonders around this. They have a lot of compassion for animals, currently they are protecting a bird nesting just on the other side of the playground fence. The More to come on this.

I am also curious about Thursday as I join two of my colleagues in our Maker ED part II exploration. We are working with Raspberry Pi and Makey Makey to create a video game emulator…this is way over my head, which means I am doing the right thing. I can’t wait to explore and share this.

What will keep me up tonight?

My room…on Friday I removed the desk and now have an empty corner. I didn’t exactly finish organizing everything from my desk and few parts of my room, so I will be going in early tomorrow to tidy this up. I don’t know when round tables are coming in (and therefore the desks are going out). This is exciting but also a lot of work. More to come on this!

OK…here we go, ready to start the week!



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