Day 26: Professional Judgement

We put a lot of pressures on ourselves as teachers. We strive to meet the changing needs of our students, community, school vision, our own families…it can be overwhelming at times. The curriculum is our guide, but can sometimes become that obstacle when new ideas and approaches come through.

We know that curriculum moves slowly, and it doesn’t keep up with changing times. For example, we no longer have the penny but the curriculum still includes it when covering money. So what do we do when we know something is valuable for our students but not clearly started in the specific expectations of the curriculum? We check our professional judgement.

Today I participated in a Google Hangout with other educators over the topic of sharing our Maker ED journeys. The conversation turned to fitting all of this back to the curriculum. The curriculum is full of specific expectations, big ideas, and guidelines. You could argue for or against Maker Ed as it connects to the curriculum, as it raises a much larger question then just a specific expectation (by the way, Maker Ed is all over the curriculum).

Your pedagogical approach will determine what you deem as a valuable approach to delivering the curriculum…I don’t like the word delivering, it implies that I have a load of knowledge and you must sign for it once I drop it off…how about facilitate, I facilitate the curriculum. Pedagogy can be personal, there is an ownership attached to it, so when seeking to shift or change you must be patient and supportive.

My Maker ED journey has help form and shift my pedagogy to a point where I can articulate my position on the value of it in the classroom and the curriculum connections that it not only makes, but enhances. More on my Maker ED journey later…



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