Day 32: Start. Stop. Repeat.

It can be overwhelming at times to introduce a new idea, concept, resource, etc. to the class. I often have a quick arc that seemingly resembles that of remembering a prestigious award like an Oscar or Grammy recipient. Apps are the best example for this.

When I find a new App I tend to love it, hug it, use it over and over in the beginning. Much like the Best Picture award for 2011 (I don’t remember it, if you have to Google it then you don’t remember it either), I find myself forgetting about the app a week after introducing it. Sometimes a good one will stick (Nearpod), but those are probably in the 10% club.

It’s OK to keep trying new things, stopping, and then repeating the process. My students have benefited from the process because they are seeing myself model problem solving strategies and creative risk taking. They know when I am trying something new. I explicitly tell them my frustrations or discoveries and wonders along the way. They are the best resource for letting me know if something works.

Don’t feel bad if you are not consistent, Number Talks are in this category for me. I am still discovering their multi-purpose use beyond Number Sense. I tend to flow in and out of them, and that’s OK. Remember to go back to something that worked, and something that didn’t work they way you wanted it to. Start. Stop. Repeat.


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