Day 34: Time to Reflect

This is a natural reflection time as June is upon us. Have I done enough? What didn’t work?  What should I do more of? Some of this will be productive and influence real change while a few of the questions will forever follow me and never provide constructive feedback. I am taking the opportunity to look at a few things today. Yes, there are still a few weeks left and that is why a reflection now has a little more value. I have sometime to try a few new things before the end of the year.

Have I done Enough?

Never…I think this will be one of those things that I will always feel like I could do more. Hindsight is comforting but in the moment is when it can be overwhelming. This is not really a productive question but one that stokes the fires to keep going and trying. It’s like running past that finish line after the race is over because you don’t want to slow down too early.

What Didn’t Work?

This is more of an in the moment question. I have found this year that I am more adaptive to responding to the failures of the room. Class Dojo was introduced and I was hesitant at first. The point system didn’t effectively shift behaviour (although my hesitancy surely played into this), however the direct messaging to parents proved to be an invaluable connection.

The room itself…lots of resources (from years past) and items I haven’t found until recently this week when myself and my Co-op student began the task of purging and reorganizing. This is changing, new (well used) furniture and assistive pieces (seat cushions, peddles, silly buddy) have produced progress. The purge is an ongoing process but I am already noticing a difference.

What Should I do More of? 

This is similar to the first question. I want to strengthen my connection with families. I want there to be an opportunity for feedback and discussion about what is happening in the room and at home. This has been facilitated already through the Class Dojo messenger service.

I have this vision for September (wherever I end up) when the Meet the Creature (Teacher) Night is held. I want to have an introduction to all the families, at a set time, in the classroom. I want to use Nearpod to facilitate the discussion about the program, their involvement, my expectations, and how their voices will be valued and heard (and possible a Number Talk). I don’t want to wait until progress interviews and I think newsletters only benefit my voice.

What are some of the things that you look back on and wonder about? How will you use that reflection to further your program for next year? For right now?



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