Day 40: The Butterfly Murder

A lot can happen in one day. Curiosity, creativity, and collaboration bring out many questions, discoveries, and wonders. Moments emerge when decisions have to be made that can impact the flow or direction of certain activities. As the teacher I am the gatekeeper, the one who can sensor, the one who can nudge an idea in a different direction. In this position of responsibility I rely on my professional judgement. Sometimes the decisions are small, but today was life or death.

Ok…that was dramatic, but it got you to the second paragraph didn’t it? We are currently exploring life cycles and have reached the transition from chrysalis to butterfly. Unfortunately when I checked the habitat this morning I noticed that one of the little friends was not doing so well and probably would not make it to first bell.

Should I hide the body? Destroy the evidence? Would the producers of Dateline call me to be a featured Friday night episode? My first actual thought was about how would the kids feel. Part of me wanted to dispose of the butterfly so that the kids would not see it. I thought about the pros and cons. I decided to keep everything untouched.

The kids were excited to see the butterfly, a few noticed quickly that there wasn’t much happening with the one in the corner. Nothing much came about it actually…it was rather uneventful. Did I overthink this? I don’t think so, perhaps this will come up again.

It made me think about the “real world” example that is constantly used in school. You know when something happens and a quick reference to “well in the real world” is used to somehow compare the outside world to the utopia of the school that is protected in some goopy bubble. More on the “real world” soon! For now, I am debating installing a baby cam on the habitat so I can monitor from home, maybe Abigail will let me borrow hers.


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