Day 41: The Real World

Short and sweet for a lovely Friday evening. I used to reference this so called “Real World” with students when comparing a negative behaviour or decision. I found myself thinking about what world I was actually if it is not the real world? School is a bubble, the education system is a bubble, it is suppose to be.

Students need to feel empowered and safe at school, and therefore we strive to support a rich climate of inclusion and engagement at all levels. The trade off is someones we catch ourselves thinking about what students will be exposed to once they leave this system. The greater world doesn’t always care about inclusion, equity, and individual needs. Perhaps this is what we refer to when we mention this real world.

This does not mean that we should stop modelling a world that we envision as inclusive, equitable, and safe. We should compare and contrast these two different worlds and ask the students which one they would prefer to exist in. They might be the future, but today in the present we have a responsibility to shape that. Ok I said short and sweet so I will end it with a question. Do you think there is a difference between school and the “Real World”?


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