Day 43: No Desks?

I have been changing and innovating the classroom environment since September, and I am almost there. This is the final week that desks will be in my class as the round tables arrive next Monday. I am tempted to try an experiment for Thursday and Friday. I want to eliminate the desks.

What would happen if I took all 20 desks out of the room? The only table surface available for work is my U-shaped table and 1 round table. On Thursday I would like to remove 1/2 of the desks, and for Friday the remainder. I have been doing a lot of work around ownership of space, and I am curious to see if this will transfer with no desks in the room.

Everyone has access to a clipboard for a hard writing surface. Many students already do not prefer working at their desk, the majority enjoy the reading lounge, carpet, or round table. I will ask the class to see what they think, I predict that a few might ask to keep their desks, and that is OK.

Have you ever had the opportunity to try no desks? A few desks? I have been desk free for a few weeks now, I realized I don’t miss it but I do need a spot for my things. It is currently taking up a small corner in the room, but increasingly resembling a mountain with a gradual slope of books and folders. I will keep you posted on the downslide of the desks.



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