Day 44: What’s the Point?

A colleague today reminded me that it is important to remember the purpose of an action. It is a busy time of year. I am at the theatre for 6 of the following 8 nights finishing up productions of Aladdin and Peter Pan. 

Add on top of report cards and an AQ and I recognize the plate is full. Not complaining, just realizing. I was reminded today to make sure that tagging on an extra project needs to be purposeful and beneficial to myself and my students.

Making my new round tables into whiteboard surfaces may not happen on June 13th. I realized this goal was to be done a few weeks ago, but due to circumstances beyond my control (e.g., the delivery schedule), it had to be pushed back.

It is now at a point where me wanting this would conflict with my “needs” list of objective. I’m not saying no, I’m saying not right now. I am thankful for friends who give me that reminder to reflect and prioritize. 

I can be too accommodating at times, even with my own wants, that I sometimes forget the bigger picture. Expect some shorter posts from me for the next stretch of days, I have some other writing to get back to. 
What is something that you want to get done but realize it could wait? 


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