Day 46: I’m no Expert.

Today I had a great opportunity to finish a 3 part #peel21stinq collaboration involving makerspace, Minecraft, and images. I was part of the makerspace group, today was the day we all came together and shared.

Sometimes I am the person people bring their technology issues to, and I have been able to help fix most of the issues. It is easy to become labelled the expert or the only source for problem solving. Today it was refreshing to be in a room filled with people who are the techy solvers at their schools, and to find out they too are just exploring.

I am no expert, but I am trying. Trying new ideas, trying new ideas with new people. We don’t have to master something in order to share it with our students.

How can we teach problem solving and creative thinking if we never get done in the chaos and try it ourselves, sometimes with our students. Today was that great reminder that I am not the expert, I don’t have to be. 

Feel free to still come to me with a tech problem, I will always give it a try. 


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