Day 48: Report Card Writing Season

This weekend marks the larger portion of report card writing for myself and many colleagues. 3 things I like when I hunker down and get to work:

1) A hot beverage (coffee, tea, hot chocolate).

2) Sour Candy (Cherry Blasters are the top choice).

3) Music (pop, rock, instrumental piano).

Things I tend to do before hunkering down:

1) Find something to clean and make it top priority.

2) Reareange the furniture, it must be done before anything else.

3) Take up a new hobby.

*If you see me doing any of the top 3 mentioned, please remind me to get back to my computer. 

Short posts for this weekend as I will be doing a lot of writing. Perhaps a reflection on the first 1/2 of the 100 days is in order!


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