Day 50: Community

The news today in Orlando reminded me of community. We tend to label and categorize our different communities as a way to structure everything. Events that took place today is a reminder that we are all part of this larger community.

We often go about our day passing through many communities. Social interactions can be increasingly difficult to find in a digital world. Let me rephrase this, face to face social interactions. I often tend to be focused on my little world, and people around it become obstacles in the way of me getting to the next point.

Today I had an opportunity to engage and meet someone new. Driving home on the 410 a motorist was leaking gas. A few of us drivers were able to get the attention of the motorist and I pulled over with her. I was able to help with the firetruck, police cruiser, and tow truck that eventually came.

I drove this person to a nearby dealership and over the span of about an hour and a bit I was able to get to know this individual. It was refreshing, even though the circumstances were not the best I think it was the only situation that would have enabled this encounter. 

How many times do we pass one another in our daily lives not thinking much of it. I didn’t stop today because I needed an idea for a blog post. I didn’t stop today because there was something in it for me. I stopped today because someone from my community needed help.

I am reminded today that we all belong to a larger community. We must look after one another. We must be there for each other. I think of my new friend tonight and hope to hear from her soon. 


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