Day 51: Rename the Report Card

This is part of a much bigger issue, but let’s start with the name. Report Cards seem to be outdated. How can we modernize the reporting process?

I sat today for 8+ hours typing up learning skills comments into the computer. As I wrote I felt I could be using my time more effectively. I like to personalize the learning skills, I don’t use bank comments and each one takes approximately 30ish minutes. With 20 students you can see how the day is spent.

I understand the purpose of the report card. It is an accountability document. I feel it is structured in a way that doesn’t connect to 21st century teaching and learning. Process over product, feedback over grades.

What would the new report card look like? Could it be an online portfolio? Could it have options to upload video or audio links? What if students helped create it? 

What would you like to see in a revised report card?


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