Day 59: Balance

I have been known to try something and give it 100%…perhaps dare I say 110%. I am learning near the end of this school year that I have to incorporate balance into this. My students are not all the same and require me to keep that in mind. I do have to be reminded from time to time, and I appreciate this.

My latest balance moment is coming this week. The tables I have ordered are arriving Thursday. I will not have time to turn them into white board tops, and that is OK. I was reminded to keep some balance as my class goes through this change. Should I keep a few desks? I have realized that I myself am not fully ready to give up my own desk.

It is a bit of a running joke as I have seen the paper mountain grow on my desk over the past month. I never intended to be without a desk for this long, I thought it was only going to be a few days. At first I thought I managed the transition well…then the pile started. It was a good leaning moment, I need to have a desk…and perhaps some of my students will need to keep theirs too.

Now they might be excited for the tables but that nostalgia could dissipate (just like when you realized for the first or second time that eating candy for dinner is not the best idea). I am revising my approach and will keep a few desks behind. Balance is important. I will not be able to argue that I can offer flex seating if I take all of one style out and replace it with another.

So I have opened my perspective a little wider, which is always valuable. I will finalize the Genius Hour blog post tomorrow!


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