Day 60: 1 Minute After Genius Hour

This week the students were able to display their final products and present to the school. I was fortunate to pair it up with a school-wide art show being held in the gym. We were kind of the buskers outside of the gym hoping that you would catch a few minutes with us before going into the show.

Sharing the work beyond our classroom was a worthwhile experience. We did tweet the Prime Minister, however we have not heard back from him…yet (growth mindset). The students were excited to share their work. They had become experts and felt confident explaining their process.

We had a wide range of grades from K to 6 come and stop by. One student told me that Genius Hour was his favourite project because:

“The grade 6 student didn’t know how solar panels worked so I was kind of the expert…I knew more than him…so I am kinda ahead”…

To be able to witness the confidence in my students develop over the past few weeks has been a joy. I wasn’t sure how Genius Hour would work at a grade 2/3 level. I wasn’t expecting the collaboration element that occurred, I wasn’t expecting some of the students to change their projects midway, I wasn’t expecting “Epic Failure” learning moments that resulted in students recognizing that by owning their mistakes they are recognizing their own growth and learning.

My goals for next time:

-have students record more of their own process independently (digital portfolio)
-make connections with the outside world before the final product (share with school, community, mystery Skype)
-host a genius hour meeting in the evening so parents can attend and see the final product of the class (and take home the products)

I am looking forward to the next Genius Hour, until next time…


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