Day 61: Saying Goodbye

This is a little tricky for me…as an LTO I understand that I go where I am needed. Staying put is not usually in the description. I have had the opportunity to stay at my current school for two years. I don’t know what will happen for September, but I know I am faced with taking down my room and I am a little bit more aware of it this year.

This year I tried to build the room with the kids. The room changed a lot, I think I have figured out almost all of the desk/table/furniture piece layouts that health and safety will allow. The artwork, the daily schedule, the zones…all have to come down. I understand I cannot wait until the last day, although I prefer that method (similar to taking the bandaid off in a quick swipe).

I don’t want the students to feel like the year is over, we still have a full week. I started with some artwork today, I think a few items each day will be OK. I wonder if they feel the same things I am feeling. The room is transforming back into a blank slate. They have left their mark (marked by markers) on the room. It is part of the process, to allow the group for next year to build their own learning environment. The bonus part is I found that extra bag of marshmallows in the back of the closet (unopened) from our science unit. #hotchocolate


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