I’m seeing lots of exciting tweets from my Twitter family attending #ISTE2016 and to quote Tina Fey, 


I have definitely expanded my PD this year with a few out of norm experiences. Attending an #edcamp day, speaking at #peelspark, and presenting at my family of schools primary math network. These experiences have been wonderful. I think I’m ready to leave the nest and find something out of board territory. 

Possibly a hotel room and a weekend. This year has been about stepping into my pedagogical comfort zone. I can articulate and define what I believe is my philosophy of education through the praxis of my work. I am becoming opinionated/aware about what I think is working and what needs to be changed.

This is signalling to me that I am ready to go beyond Peel and try some new experiences. Peel PD has been incredible, it has provided me the foundation for everything I have done and has given me a direction for where I want to go. I think teachers need to reflect on where they are at, and I am finding this is the right time of year for that.

So my goal for the next school year is to find a conference, go there, and bring something back. I have 365 days to do this. Any suggestions?


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