Day 70: Lost in the Crowd

This weekend my wife and kid went away to a cottage. I opted to stay behind so I could prepare for camp and do a little house organizing…I realized today it is the first time in almost 3 years that I have had a full weekend at home to myself. As an introvert I couldn’t be more spoiled for this little non-event.

I wonder how some teachers manage the transition from classroom to summer. I woke up yesterday worried about not having to worry about something…as if I forgot it was summer and it was okay not to have 5 things on my mind. 

I love my job but I also realize how much pressure is out on my mind during the school year. Planning, students, parents, extra-curricular, assessment, meetings, committees…I suppose I could form a cat committee with my pet for the summer to help keep some familiarity. We could discuss a transition from one dry food to another. 

The point is that I have this time to get lost in the crowd. No where to go, no where to be…it’s a nice way to wind down. What do you do to wind down? Do you have a routine? How long does it take you to get into the vacation mode? 


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