Day 72: Day 1 #theatrecamp

The first day has flown by. There is always a good mix of those who have come to camp before and who have never stepped foot inside.

We start off with introductions. Myself, a co-op student, and 4 volunteers. All volunteers and the coop student are experienced members of Centre Stage. Getting to know the kids is important. 

I like to ask 3 prompts…

1) Name…

2) Grade you are going into…

3) Something you are excited for or have already done this summer…
It’s easy to begin making connections with other kids. Some are in the same grade, some all have cottages, some are excited about just being at camp.

Icebreaker games continue. It is essentially going from whole group to small group and pair work. Mini introductions and connections are made during these theatre games. I can start to see who needs some encouragement and who is becoming a leader in the group.

In the morning I ask them what they would like to make a play about. We brainstorm a list of:

Books, movies, tv shows, characters, songs, ideas, words, etc…

Each student has 1 vote. Their vote guarantees they will be in that scene. Today we had 10 items voted in. We usually rehearse in groups of 3. This means that if a group of scenes being rehearsed is not part of the campers vote, they get to pick one of them and help out.

Everyone works on their ideas and they work on each other. Today we worked on a scene about Peter Pan, Dragons, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Tomorrow we continue the fun!


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