Day 73: Day 2: #theatrecamp

The Rehearsals Continue:

Today we continued our work from the list that was voted on. The team is coming together. It is refreshing to see how quickly kids can work together for a common goal. Adults could take a lesson or two from kids on collaboration. The camp has ages from 6-13 this week. In a school setting you would not think to put grade K-8 students together in the same class, but it works here. This is what I love about theatre, we don’t classify based on age. We classify based on interest. 
The scenes come together based on an idea, and then those interested in that idea come together. I never have to form groups, some groups are larger, some are smaller, and once in a while they are even. I try to set up the rehearsal schedule to offer 3 different options. Today the three groups had unique elements of theatre that defined the work. Improvisation, stage combat, and song. Theatre skills are introduced in large group settings and some come up through the interests of a scene. 
We started are musical number for the finale as well. I like to end the shows with a musical number that pops, it is a great way to bring everyone on stage for the bows. High energy, big smiles, and perfect for parents to see everyone shine. 
Tuesday is about continuing the rehearsal process. Tomorrow we will finish up all of the scenes and begin to polish. It is remarkable to think that yesterday we all came together for the first time. We have officially started 7 items for our show. Tomorrow we will add the final scene. Looking forward to the next set of adventures!


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