Day 74: #theatrecamp Day 3

The joy continues.

We have been able to start and structure 9 scenes and a musical number. A lot can happen in 3 days. Today we finished the final scenes and added some more choreography to our song. The kids are engaging in their process, asking questions and discussing potential issues. I haven’t seen a group so focused on the details. It can be funny to read the following, but think about the thought going into some of the detail. These questions came up from various scenes:
-what is the mood of the 5 headed monster?

-do you think it would make more sense if the old lady talked to the audience instead of the kids?

-my character doesn’t know why she is doing this, should we give her a reason?

We decided to tackle the last scene as a full cast. The kids had a lot of ideas, and learned from yesterday’s rehearsals that listening is key to moving the process forward. They presented ideas, pointed out obstacles, and problem solved together. It was remarkable to watch, I was reminded that kids have the capacity to collaborate with minimal interference.
The creative process is moving away from creating to refining, and soon from refining to polishing. We started putting some costume pieces and props together with scenes. Music is being added to the scenes and the lightening designs are taking shape. The kids are even suggesting specific washes (colours that appear on a large piece of fabric upstage) to match the mood they want to create for their scene. 
I move away from facilitator role to director role. My filter becomes that of the audience. I need to make sure the kids are showcasing their work accurately. I always remind them that I am there to make sure their voice is heard, and understood. The gradual release of responsibility is taking place too. Soon I will no longer be able to give notes, remind them to speak up or to face the audience, soon they will be doing it all on their own. Tomorrow is dress rehearsal, it is becoming real! 2 days until show time. 


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