Day 75: #theatrecamp Day 4

The day before the big show! Today we are putting everything together, the kids are excited and we are almost there. This next phase came with a quote I often tell the kids around this time. The show is never really done, it is just time to perform. We spent a lot of time today going through and polishing each scene.

This includes entrances, exits, props, costumes, sound, lighting…the show really comes together in a few hours. We discuss the order of scenes and I try to balance the show out, trying to let kids have a break in between their scenes. There is something about adding a costume and prop that connects with the kids, it becomes real.

I am finalizing the program, crafting individual letters for each child, and approving the final pictures for the slide show that will great family and friends as they wait for the show to begin tomorrow. It is remarkable that on Monday, we came together for the first time. Now, 4 days later, we have a 30+ minute original show that will be performed only one time for an audience.

Time to get back to the program, each kid has their name mentioned with their scenes that they are in. This week each person is in a minimum of 4 scenes. One more day!


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