Day 78: Summer PD

I’m trying to figure out how to stay engaged in the PD I started last year- as well as see what is happening in the #edu field. Twitter is still the spot I’m finding the most valuable resources. 

I don’t know what my assignment will be in the fall, so planning full out is not something I can do, and that isn’t necessicarly a bad thing. I want to work on designing a structure that can fit for all grade levels 1-8.

A mentor once told me that any good lesson can fit any grade with a few adjustments…this has stuck with me. It instrinsincly promotes an aspect of inclusion. I’m trying to work on an open ended structure for long range plans…I figure if I can create an open ended structure, then it should be able to applied to most grades- perhaps division based.

What are you working on this summer or what do you want to work on? …it’s OK to relax too 🙂 


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