Day 80: Don’t Forget to Dance

Movement is key to my creativity. I thrive when I am in motion, there is a momentum that comes from this that promotes a positive source of energy. My most common type of dance is the car seat dance.

The time when I am travelling from point A to point B and I happen to find the pop station. In my mind I am creating the next best dance moves. In reality I am sure a few drivers have passed me thinking I am having difficulty working the navigation system. The car dance is a safe place for me to move and experiment with creative hand gestures. Tonight I have discovered a new creative way to move, dancing with my daughter.

For now this dancing consists of some up and down bending of the knees, big smiles, and hands in the air. I have been known to upstage a few with my quirky moves but I have been outmatched, by far. There may or may not be evidence of this moment if Kaleigh hit record on her phone. Normally I would say no to video, but I was having too much fun to notice.

It’s Tuesday, don’t forget to dance.


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