Day 81: Pokémon Go…Slow Down…Stop

Pokémon has returned, much like some 80’s clothing styles and 90’s pop music. I am already thinking of teaching applications for this game, it has been a while since I dabbled in the card version, however this seems to have some potential.

I have glanced at a few twitter posts, Facebook rants, and media clips about the new craze. Will it last into September? My good friend believes kids will eventually realize they are getting too much fresh air and opt for the couch and a controller. I wonder how many citizens will brave the colder temperatures in the fall and winter in order to catch the elusive virtual creatures? I wanted to slow down, stop, and think about the uses for a classroom application.

Teaching grade 2/3 recently has propelled me to make connections to animals and the environment. Perhaps when creating a criteria for different animal groupings you could use the various Pokémon as a case study to classify it in a group and create a sustainable habitat.

Math connections can include statistics, percentages, outcomes, and much more…I am sure there are already many blog posts about the benefits and curriculum connections.

The mapping feature can directly work within the geography curriculum, having students create a map of where the creatures are, and the gyms that pop up…I am slowly learning the terminology thanks to the campers this week.

How about some social media? The recent revelations about the overreaching privacy agreements that the company forces users to accept  before playing is surely an intro into digital citizenship. Social Justice? You can also look at how the animals are treated in the game and the overall purpose. My good friend pointed out to me that the game actually normalizes dog fighting- or any animal fighting for pleasure and sport. My vegan wife would quickly agree to this point too…

In all, the main reason why I was interested in it was because students are interested in it. The hook is already there and it is process driven action. I am afraid to start playing…my Netflix list, Crave list, book list, and household chore lists are already being neglected this summer. Perhaps a few hours over the summer couldn’t hurt, right?


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