Day 82: Inquiry is Art

I am stuck in camp mode, I can’t help it…Everything I have been doing for the past 10 days is related to camp, theatre, and creativity. Every Friday I welcome family and friends to the theatre, explain a little bit about what the program is about, and how they can sign up for more camps and classes that the theatre offers. Today I am still making connections to the inquiry process and the 5 day camp structure.

I’m tired, so excuse me for not providing too much depth tonight.

Day 1- Question/Wonder

Day 2 & 3- Create, Share, Explore, Investigate

Day 4- Refine, Revisit, Redesign

Day 5- Polish, Produce, Perform

It is a quick cycle, but the structure has worked. Tomorrow will mark my 30th summer camp show. I have changed and modified activities, workshops, and content to meet the needs of each week but the structure has stayed the same. Each week the show has been different, sometimes ideas are repeated but the Day 2 & 3 of the process ensure it will never be the same. Here is a taste of what the kids have come up with for this week:

Jaws: The epic shark accidently beaches itself and is helped by a man who stumbles upon him while trying to catch Pokémon, he is reluctant to help but eventually does, and is later saved by the same shark when he finds himself out in the ocean drowning (while hunting for Pokémon)

Flash: Flash (superhero) created a cloning machine to clone himself to keep the city safe while he takes a much needed vacation. The clone decided to clone herself instead of doing all of the work, but accidently hits the evil switch and creates an evil Flash clone. The original clone must return early from his location to save the city from his one removed cloned self.

The Lost Butterfly: A butterfly desperate for adventure fly area from her town and into the neighbouring Amazon Rain Forest, only to be met by a snake that is up to no good. The butterfly meets a monarch butterfly and is brought back home to safety. Video projections help create the sense of flight as the butterfly maneuvers through the forest.

…there are 6 other original scenes that will be shown plus a full cast musical number! Time to put the final touches on the program.


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