Day 87: All Art is Borrowed 

I had a drama teacher once tell me that all art is a variation on the art before it, a combination of creativity and variations. I didn’t want to believe this as it would mean I would never create something new. I still struggle with this comment, perhaps this is the difference between art and innovation.

Plagiarism is in the news as the Republican Party gathers for their nominating convention. The speech that was given last night was reported as 93% authentic, 7% plagiarized. I never condone plagiarism or believe there is an excuse to justify it, but the fascinating part is the outcome.

Those who support the candidate have provided a list of other speeches and sources that have used similar lines (including My Little Pony, that’s not a joke) as a way to justify is to excuse the main point. It is widely believed that it will not change the opinions of those who have already made up their mind. 

I find this insight more concerning. At the very least this will serve as an excellent example for classrooms in a few months including the media spin that has been put on it.


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