Day 88: Remember the Roots

I am approaching the middle point of the summer camp season. It can be easy to fall into routines and begin to remove myself from the moment. I am fortunate to be collaborating with my best friend during the summer camps. Together we keep each other motived and in the moment, constantly challenging and pushing the limit.

Improv is our background, we practically had every class together at Brock University, even living together for a year. We co-ran the same club, and performed together at a monthly occurrence for over 3 years. The relationship is one I value beyond words, and that is because we are honest and always keeping it fresh.

As an improviser you have a close group that you trust your stage life with. I remember we had just become Co-Presidents and wanted to do something to create buzz for the club. We decided to put on a two-person long form show. The basic idea was that we would come out and ask the audience for a one word suggestion and then create a 45 minute play based on the one word.

I remember pushing the couch away from the wall to create a small stage setting in our apartment living room. The goal was to test this simple structure out a few times for the audience of 1 or 2 at best. The night of the show we were pretty nervous.  We sat backstage on opposite sides, I was on the floor thinking why did I agree to this?

As cheese filled as the next part is, it is accurate and remains true. The moment we walked out on stage and started it was all OK. I have a few rare friendships where I can use the following analogy. Jump out of the plane, figure out how to make the parachute on the way down.

It is important that I surround myself with these critical and engaged friendships. Our improv troupe still meets up once a year…December 27th is the date we all make available.  From our initial meeting in St. Catharines we geographically cover most of Canada now. 159 days to go!



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