Day 90: Know Your Audience

Standing backstage during the final show this week I am reminded of how much the audience is an integral role to the process. There is a certain energy that allows the young actors to play off of, another character to their scene. Their family and friends make up the crowd, the most supportive environment you could wish for, an added bonus for those taking the stage for the first time.

The parents and guardians of students are the educational counterpart for the audience. A strong relationship is needed in order to support the kids, understanding that there is an important partnership. You need to communicate effectively in order to provide a structure for support. I have found that social media is a great way to spark this conversation. Sending pictures, short messages, and a scheduled message (daily) provides consistency.

The audience wants the actors to succeed, they will try their best but need to be met halfway. My role during camp is to facilitate the message that the kids are trying to convey into a theatrical piece that is coherent and engaging. My role during school is to facilitate the learning, based on the curriculum, and inspired by student interest/voice.

3 weeks of camp complete, 3 weeks of camp to go.


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