Day 91: 3 Tips to Stay Creative

I have found a few things help me stay in that creative zone- especially when I am running on empty or running out of ideas.


  1.  Give yourself a time limit.

Don’t be easy on yourself- push the timeframe for completing a project. I tend to be more creative while under pressure. If I have a long deadline I will usually wait until the last possible moment to get started. Some may call this procrastination, I prefer to call it a stylistic choice.

2. Be accountable to a human.

If I know that someone has to look at my work, I tend to have more thought and consideration put into something. I have a strong group of people who are not afraid to tell me something is crap (they are my friends, I promise). I have a need to please as well- it usually allows me to put in that extra something.

3. Shouldn’t all lists include 3 things?

I don’t know why I feel the need to sit here and think of a third point…but I don’t have one. Follow the first two. I will use this blog as an example. I have a time limit which is 24 hours to complete the blog post each day. I am accountable to a human, that is my twitter audience. I don’t think people are waiting to read it, but in order to put pressure on myself to complete it everyday (in sickness and in health) I pretend people are waiting to read it.

Happy Creating!



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