Day 92: Blogging Discoveries

As I near the 100 day post I look back on what I have learned over the past 90ish days. 

Part of me thought I wouldn’t be able to make it everyday, and aside from one late post after midnight I have managed to keep it on track. By posting to Twitter I felt an outside obligation that kept me accountable.

Some posts came naturally while others took longer to think about. I am finding it difficult in the summer to keep it interesting as I am not in the school mind mode as much. I think this is more so because I am not collaborating with colleagues…I miss that part during the summer.

I never took this on to have people follow and read, but it has been encouraging to hear feedback and responses. My goal was to improve my writing, something I used to do regularly but had stopped in recent years.

As for the future of my blogging I think that stopping would be counter to why I started. Perhaps a weekly post instead of daily could be a realistic expectation. I can’t get a ahead of myself, still a final week of daily posts to go!


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