Day 94: University isn’t for Everyone, and it’s Okay!

A report today released by Ottawa University suggests that those with a post secondary degree could expect a higher and quicker rising income over their non-university counterparts.

A quick aside to note that when a university publishes a report on how good going to university is, you need to be a little skeptical. I haven’t looked over all of the report as this post isn’t about the merits of this, rather the implication that university is better.

The goal of the traditional education system is for everyone to keep moving up. The true success stories then are those who float at the University professor level. Please note that I value university and professors…but we all don’t have to go to one or be one to be successful and happy.

Choosing an option after secondary school shouldn’t be based on an option list that promotes university at the top, all options need to be valued equally. I believe that learning should be based on interest and passion, not on economically benefits. 

Can you measure success by numbers? Sure! How do you measure happiness within that success? I’m not sure. 

We can however strive to provide equitable access to all options, including university. We must be careful to make sure that we also contribute positive examples towards the workplace, gap year, and other options. 

As educators we must make sure we acknowledge that university was the correct path for ourselves, but that it isn’t always the best or right option for our students. Think about every student in the system is being taught by a university educated person, we must ensure that we consistently provide examples of the other pathways.


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