Day 95: Teach to the Top of Their Intelligence 

Another borrowed rule from the world of improvisation.

When playing a character on stage, you must respect each character and play it to the top of their intelligence. It promotes a deeper level of play that moves beyond the surface where stereotypes are found and into a world of archetypal journeys.

I try and take this idea and apply it to every human interaction I have, including teaching. A common obstacle is telling yourself that your students can’t do something before you give them an opportunity to try. 

You may know your students very well, but don’t forget that you are allowed to be surprised by them once in a while too, provide opportunities for that to happen. Discoveries are richer when they also grow your perspective of your own students. 

Provide project based learning instead of just projects. You’ve seen my genius hour posts, but it doesn’t have to be genius hour. If you cap your students potential you allow yourself to therefore cap your own ability to move them forward. 

There are many obstacles in life that our students will have to face, school is a time to push their limits and provide them support and encouragement as they try new things. 

How can we expect them to reach for the stars if we have grounded their potential by limiting our expectations of their success?

Teach to the top of their intelligence.


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