Day 96: Is the 21st Century Outdated?

I have seen a variety of tweets and blogs that argue that 21st century as a reference to modern teaching terminology is already outdated since we are 16 years into the century.

I believe 21st century teaching and learning is still relevant and is just beginning to actually take shape.

At the beginning of the century, from 2000-2010, I spent time as a student in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions. When returning in 2012 as a student teacher I had noticed a significant change to how I was instructed to teach from how I was taught. 

It seemed that the way I was taught was part of the old model, and during my transition from secondary to post-secondary this had suddenly shifted. 

I think that by calling it 21st century teaching and learning we chronologically acknowledge a shift in the system. I can imagine that by the end of this century we will have shifted/evolved several times. 

For now, let’s recognize it as 21st century. 


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