Day 98: Tech Assumptions

Let’s continue with some questions to think about regarding technology. I learned this use that there is an equitable issue regarding access. 

My assumptions included that all of my students had regular access to consistent Internet. I learned a few months in that this was not the case.

I have a questionnaire I would like to ask my families in September. This will inform how I communicate with families.

What questions would you add/change/keep/delete?

1. Describe your access to high speed internet.

2. What technology do you feel comfortable using and have access  (mobile phone, tablet, Internet, e-mail, text message, etc).

3. Do you prefer online communication or paper copies (newsletters).

4. If you don’t have Internet, do you have access to community resources (the library)? Would you be willing to spend 1 hour per week at a resource centre to access online resources?

5. How much screen time does your child view everyday? Every week? And what is the breakdown in that screen time (e.g., tv, computer, tablet, gaming console).


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