Day 100: Inspire(d)

As a new(er) teacher I am often inspired by colleagues I work with, people I meet at PD, and tweeters who I follow daily. 

Ideas and sparks ignite my learning and push me to try new things. This blog is a product of that above inspiration. It doesn’t take much, just a nudge or a supporting comment, it can happen indirectly too.

You never know who you will inspire, or what you may be inspired by. Inspiration is not something you can actively seek out, I believe it is a moment in time where the right people and right ideas come together.

I tried to look for inspiration to write about throughout this blog. I often found when I was trying to find it I was not successful. It was when I listened that I realized that everyday moments of creativity and wonder are all around. It sounds a little cheesy, but perhaps this blog has helped me become a better listener. 

I look forward to writing more in the future, just not everyday. Thank you for those who read and stayed with me throughout this journey. Your words of encouragement and discussions added meaningful purpose to this process.

Onto the next #100daychallenge!


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