My name is Brandon Pachan. I am an educator with the Peel District School board and teacher at Centre Stage Theatre School. I am interested in creativity in the classroom. This has transformed itself recently into exploring the Maker Education movement and integrating technology to enhance learning. I enjoy collaborating, playing, and exploring in the 21st century learning community both at my school and beyond.

I have a background in physical theatre and improvisation. That is a professional way of telling you I enjoy miming, clowning, and making things up on the spot. I would consider myself an introvert (yes…a clowning improvising introvert) who continues to push and step outside my comfort zone in order to grow and widen my perspective. This is another step in that direction.

As I begin to blog about my encounters with creativity I hope to develop my skills as a blogger and communicator. I have enjoyed reading and exploring other sites. My hope is that with this blog I can contribute to the conversation. Here I go…

twitter: @brandonpachan